Thursday, December 17, 2015

Merry Christmas from The Dalys!

This has been another big year for our family!

In January we decided that it was time for Jess to leave her job as the Corporate Executive Pastry Chef of Kneaders. It was bittersweet to leave my dream job, but it has been so wonderful to be in our home and serve at Church, and have time to do whatever I want. If you would like to read more about my time with Kneaders click here

Scott is working as a Computer Engineer for USAA and loving it. He's spent most of the year developing a website and providing insight into new technologies for the company. Or in normal words, he's completely brilliant doing brilliant things. We absolutely love USAA! They take such good care of their employees.

We went to Disneyland with Lindsay, Mackay, and their girls to celebrate a new chapter of our marriage. (Jess at home) and Lillie's fifth birthday. We had so much fun! Shortly after returning in February, Jess was called to be the Girls Camp Director of our ward. Dream Calling! Heavenly Father really looked out for me on that transition time.

March was filled with Basketball, sewing projects, and birthdays.

In April, we decided to buy a house. We were looking at renting a house here in San Antonio, but with it being a very big Military community houses go VERY FAST. After crunching some numbers we realized that it made more sense to buy instead of rent. Thanks to a wonderful realtor we found a perfect home for us in our ward.

We spent May making plans of things to change on our house and we closed on June 1st. We started painting on June 2nd. In the South we have learned very quickly that it's popular to have lots of paint colors. We repainted the entire downstairs in three days. We watched a lot of HGTV and learned way too much, and may have gained some confidence to tackle just about any home project.

Which is why we decided to re-do the kitchen ourselves. Watch HGTV at your own risk. I spent most of the summer staining cabinets, and by the end stained every last piece of wood in our house. More on that here.

July was spent at Girls Camp, Sea World and in front of the Air Conditioner.

August, I snuck my sweetheart away from the office for a huge road trip. We drove from Texas to Utah to AZ and back. Highlights of the trip included Scott teaching Jess to play Hand & Foot, and Jess teaching Scott how to wakeboard.

This Fall we spent more time at Sea World, trips to Dallas to see Cam & Kristin, serving in Scouts and Young Womens. Developing iPhone apps, and ripping out our front hedge.

In December we were lucky enough to have Kristin and the kids stay with us for a few weeks while Dr. Call finished up chiropractic school. Oh we are going to miss them, they have become our best friends out here in Texas. Arizona is a lucky place.

We are looking forward to spending Christmas in Denver with Mom and Dad and Shannon and Brian. Scott's winning some major points giving Jess a white Christmas.

We love you all and hope this letter finds you well. We're looking forward to another incredible year. We are so grateful for a Season of Joy and to celebrate the true reason for the season. Our, Savior, Jesus Christ. May light and love fill your homes this Christmas season.

All our love,

Scott & Jessica