Monday, February 8, 2016

Day 12 Ultrasound!

Yesterday was the mid-cycle ultrasound. Basically this ultrasound sets the schedule for the rest of the procedures. Because of the timing we were scheduled before church on Sunday. I didn't sleep very well the night before. I always get really nervous before this ultrasound because these drugs are so hard on my body and what if heaven forbid there aren't any follicles in there? What if it wasn't worth it? What if I have to take more drugs? 

It was so worth it! We have three happy follicles, which high five body, I grew those in 12 days thank you very much. We have THREE follicles! Two 15mm and one 13mm. They grow an average of 2mm a day. Anything over 18mm is great for ovulation. So on Wednesday I'll go in and they'll give me the HCG trigger shot. Wednesday will be a fun day with my ovaries feeling like swollen grapefruits, and then Thursday morning Scott will go in, and then I'll go in, and they'll do the IUI and hopefully everything sticks. We should hopefully have two 21mm and one 19mm. All good numbers! 

This was at the fertility center after the ultrasound. We couldn't stop smiling, both of us feel so good about this round. 

I realize there is a chance of triplets, but I think those chances are pretty low. I'm mostly just grateful we have three chances for at least one to stick!

Scott taught his primary class about Nephi and the broken bow on Sunday. We were talking about how God can do nothing if you don't put the work in, and with the two extra drugs and the actual IUI procedure we're adding this round. We both feel like we're doing everything possible for this to work. 

We also are pretty giddy, it feels like everything is falling into place from the insurance to the timing. February sounds like a great month to get pregnant. 

p.s. You're worth it baby, and we won't give up until you're here in our arms. We love you!

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