Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day 10

Being the crazy people we are, we decided to start the next round of drugs the day before going to Dayton to see my family for a week. Usually when I'm on them I spend a good portion of time on the couch or in my bed. We decided to play it by ear, but I was so determined to not let them affect me while we were with family. That time is precious and I didn't want to be left out on the couch while everyone was having fun. I prayed a lot and made sure I was two steps ahead of the headaches and nausea. 

We really had a fantastic time and I totally rocked it! Possibly the best I've felt while on the Femara. It nearly made my heart burst to play basketball for an hour with my dad and siblings just like when I was little with no problems. That day we went for a hike ( the big hill was tough but I made it without anyone but Scott noticing I was having a hard time.) and then a couple hours later the girls did 45mins of Refit Rev (Dance Aerobics). Huge physical day for me and I did it. The whole trip we were moving and shaking and there really was only time for one nap, which I definitely took advantage of. I had the Tylenol close by, and snacked often. Usually my best defense against the stupid nausea headaches. 

I feel a little piggish because I need to snack often to keep the nausea away and eating more than normal stresses me out. Thankfully my super healthy sister brought all sorts of healthy organic snacks to try and the other sister planned wonderful healthy menus. I left with a list to stock up on healthy snacks. Because if I need to snack more it's not going to be junk. 

My efforts to keep up with the rest of the pack finally wore off when we got home. I slept for 10.5hrs last night. Totally wiped. Good news is everything worked as planned and the trip was a perfect distraction. We're headed into the dr on Friday morning to see how many follicles we have. I'm guessing we'll trigger on Monday and do the procedure on Tuesday. 

I told Scott tonight that I won't miss this "Fertilty Fog" when this is over. I've started juicing again to give myself more energy and that's been working. But 99% of the time I feel like my body and mind is in a fog. Always tired, always moving slow. I know pregnancy will come with its own set of issues, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. 

Onward and upward! Come on Friday! 

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