Thursday, February 4, 2016

Grow Follicles Grow!

We are finally done with the yuck drugs! Haven't had a nauseous headache in a few days and I'm pretty dang happy about it. Still getting hot flashes which make me a real treat to hang out with, sweating buckets at young women's trying to teach the girls how to sew bonnets is a real party. But we made it. I'm now in the exhausted all the time now stage of the cycle. Last time we grew three follicles in 11 days and that's a lot of work on a body! I have a normal sleep schedule now and a lot of the time take naps on the floor. Because sometimes tired hits and it's time to nap. Stairs are really tricky for me, I'm afraid I walk like I'm drunk most of the time, it's just my body is exhausted. Scott helps me with the stairs and has started a collection of pictures of my exhausted naps. 

Made it all the way to the landing! 

Realizing I'm wearing the same outfit and these pictures were from two different cycles. I just love my Hello Apparel sweatshirt that much. 

Lil sleepy exhausted girl in my spot. I used a lot of energy going to youth last night. It's kinda crazy sleeping 10hours and waking up exhausted. But I will gladly take exhausted over nauseous headaches. I'm getting so excited for Sunday's ultrasound. Hoping for some good sized follicles! 

You're worth it baby. 


Your sleepy Mama

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  1. Hahahahhaa I love all your sleep shots. You're like that little girl who wanted to take a nap on the beach. "Imma take a nap right here."
    Come on baby Daly!!