Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Waiting for our first ultrasound was about as easy as nailing jello to a tree. Passing three blood tests was incredibly reassuring, but I was dying to see our "baby." I had been praying every night for our baby/babies to grow big and strong and the night before the ultrasound I had this feeling "it's okay to say babies." For the procedure we had four follicles, two big and two smaller so I figured if one of the big ones took, the other one probably did too. Besides I have been so sick since the day we found out. (4 weeks)

We had pushed our ultrasound to Monday so the "baby" would be bigger and woke up to no power and a huge thunderstorm. I had a mini meltdown while rational Scott called the dr to see if they had power. (I needed the ultrasound machine to have power!) They did and so we went to get in the car and realized we couldn't get the garage door open! So Scott ran around to the front and wailed on the outside while I pulled the emergency cord on the inside. We got it open and made it to the ultrasound! I think we both knew how important making that appointment was! So this is our half opened garage and our first picture as a family of four!

When we got to the ultrasound I was so excited I was shaking as soon as she started the ultrasound we both saw two on the screen. 

Dr. James- "Well that's unexpected! There are two gestational sacs, you're having twins!" 

Jess- "I knew it! Oh I'm so excited!!"

Scott started poking me and kept saying you over and over again. 

Seeing our babies for the first time was absolutely incredible. Baby A was in a good position to hear their heartbeat and it was nice and strong. Baby B is a little more stubborn and was kinda hiding behind their sibling, but we did get a good enough view so we could see Baby B's heart beating. 

Technically. We went in at 6w4d and the babies are measuring at 6w2d and 6w1d. 

Is the top one. 

If you want to hear Baby A's heartbeat I posted a clip to Instagram. 

As we were leaving the office Scott said, "We need to buy two of everything." And I replied, "Matching Outfits!!!" I definitely think it's still sinking in for both of us, but we're both crazy excited. Having two really eliminates a lot of concerns for me. It means one less time I have to do fertility treatments to get our babies here, and Heaven forbid we can't get pregnant again we will have siblings. 

I am loving being sick and tired all the time, my babies are growing! But I think I'll make a spot on the couch for a few months. ;) if we make it to 40weeks we'll have the babies the first week of December, but the average for twin pregnancies is 35 weeks so we're looking more at the first week of November. So many things to be grateful for. Time off for good behavior right? 

Also I only have three more weeks of progesterone and I'm insanely excited about that! 

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  1. Jess I am so unbelievably happy for you and I know that you are going to make an incredible mother! (also I'm sure Scott will be an awesome dad.. I've just never met him so I couldn't say.. But if he's good enough for you, then that's all the proof I need :D)