Friday, May 29, 2015

The Best Day Part 2.

This is the video from our first look/bridals session. You never could tell what a crazy day it was right? Also Scott running around me in a circle and jumping into the air is the sweetest thing ever. We may or may not be planning on recreating this in 20 years.

I was so glad we took our bridals the night before, we weren't rushed and after we walked out of the temple no one had to wait on us to take pictures hot and hungry. Scott's parents put on a luncheon for everyone who came to the sealing close to where we were having the reception. It was the perfect regrouping before the reception. Her friends decorated and Kneaders catered. I'm so glad we did this. All of the people who were so kind in traveling had a place to come and relax and eat. The little kids had a space to take off their shoes and run around. It was a great opportunity to introduce each other to our families in a comfortable setting.

Scott's sister Shannon took these :) 

After the luncheon everyone told me I didn't have to help anymore? Apparently I was the bride and didn't have to anymore? Strangest wedding I've ever been to. ;) My family launched into go mode to finish the reception. I heard my Dad went to a craft store with three grandkids for picture frames. My brothers-in-law hung lanterns in trees, Kristin directed traffic, designed our guest book and tied sashes while breast feeding. (I'm getting her a headset for Christmas.) Mom, Lindsay, and Shirl did table settings and put the food together. Julene launched into party mode to help pull it all together. They made it happen.We make a pretty incredible team when we're all together.  

Gary and Julene opened their gorgeous home not only to host the reception but let family stay at their house and use their basement as the command center. We are so very lucky they are a part of our family. We love them so much. 

The videographer finished our first look video for the reception in 24hrs, and we hadn't seen it yet. So we watched it on Gary & Julene's couch. Scott fell asleep, and then I convinced the party crew to let me put the flowers on our cake. 

I've never been a huge fan of fondant cakes, and since this year was the year I launched my line of bundt cakes for Kneaders I wanted my bunds to be a part of our wedding. Our Orem Chefs made my hummingbird cake recipe for our wedding cake. Although I didn't physically make the cake it was really cool for me to have a part of my work in our special day. We also served mini key lime tarts, mini raspberry cream cheese tarts, mini lemon ginger bundt cakes, and mini hummingbird bundt cakes. 

That framed print is my bridal shower invitation Kristin designed. 

A huge thank you to my chefs and family at Kneaders. the food was so stunning. 

Kristin designed postcard for our guest book. We took snippets of the letters we wrote back and forth to each other when we first met and she put them on postcards for the banner. We had our guests write well wishes on postcards in lieu of a guestbook. 

 I am so glad we had a videographer. We really won the lottery with photographers and videographer for our big day. Every single one of the pictures are stunning and these incredible videos. They captured the day exactly how I wanted.

Wedding Part 3 coming soon.


  1. You may be a little behind, but don't give up on catching up. This is such a wonderful journal of your life. I love blogs and I love that you have two for me to follow.

    1. You are so sweet! I need the encouragement, I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. I know I'll be grateful I got caught up.