Monday, March 14, 2016


Sunday was a really great day. When we went in on Friday Dr. James found a follicle on each side. They were each only 14mm and that's on the small side. It was a little bit of a battle to not question whether or not I should have traveled, if I should have been taking it easier etc. she wanted to do another ultrasound on Sunday to make sure they were still growing. They were both 17mm on Sunday and then she found two more little guys averaging about 13-14mm apiece. So now we have four! This was so reassuring to me. The chances of all four taking are pretty much slim to none but now we have FOUR chances of this working and we're ecstatic! 

Averages of the smaller follicles. 

This time felt different, as the first one popped up on the screen the Dr. Said "This looks promising!" I am so glad we needed this second ultrasound. My follicles have been growing more like 1ish mm a day instead of the normal 2mm a day. Which could be the reason it hasn't worked yet. They were too small when we triggered possibly. 

I'm headed in bright and early to get my *hopefuly* last trigger shot. Then on Wednesday we'll go in first thing in the morning for the procedure. This one feels so different and we're both in such high spirits. 

I had to snap this one of Scott today. I was resting and he snuggled up to me and put his hand on my tummy and started talking to the follicles giving them a game plan of what they needed to do this week. It was so sweet. I really like him, and I hope those follicles listened! 

It's go time! 

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