Wednesday, May 18, 2016

On showing love

So fertility treatments were rough, but because we did them over and over again I learned what to expect and how to handle the side affects i.e. Naps on the stairs. Pregnancy is a whole new ball game. New being the most important word. I keep trying to make a proactive game plan with how to feel better, and then my body changes the next day. My Mom was telling me a story about a lady who when she had twins she spent all day nursing or pumping and my mom asked her how she was handling such a huge life change and she replied, "This is the best way I can show love for them." 

So that has become my motto as I've swallowed my pride and slept for 12hrs only to wake up for first naps. Because listening to my body is the best way I know how to show love for this baby we worked so hard for. 

On the to-do list for tomorrow: swallow pride that grocery shopping is the worst now and my body doesn't know what it wants to eat ever, but gets nauseous if we aren't eating. Do you think if I Pinterest that some meal ideas will come up? 

I think I've always known it was going to be a battle to get our kids here and that's okay. That's a fight I'll never give up. 

I'll get caught up on blogging about graduating from the fertility center soon, just needed to give myself a pep talk tonight that I'm doing what I'm supposed to. :) 

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  1. I love your motto! Hopefully as days pass so will the severity of your "side effects" of pregnancy. What do we call it anyway??? Complete sacrifice of our body and mind for 9 months. Pretty much have lost the control we had - and yes it is all about humbling ourselves to accept it all. What's the alternative? You can do it. Totally 100% confident in your efforts to overcome!!!!