Thursday, October 6, 2016

31 Weeks !

I've been keeping updates mostly to my Instagram lately mostly because the past six weeks have been survival mode and I try to limit the emotional breakdowns on Facebook to like two a year. It's just a smaller circle on IG. But the short version of the last six weeks my brain hit it's breaking point on not being able to have medication for my ADD for a year. And that combined with being 7-8months pregnant is a real party. Truly this year has been the hardest thing I've ever done.

I lay low most days physically exhausted, mentally exhausted and nausea headaches have made their return. I did discover that Wendy's by our house now serves the best ginger ale ever. I'm flirting with white trash with how often I go get one.

There certainly have been quite a few days where I worry I'm going to be stuck in my head and physically spent forever. Those are the worst days. But as soon as I hit the lowest of lows we have a Dr's apt. And I get to hear our sweet boy's heartbeat and see his sweet face. We continue to defy the odds that have been stacked against us since day 1. And it's worth it. Being down is not one of my best skills and I hate it, but it's working. This is what it's going to take to get a healthy baby here safely.

I get anxiety every time we go to the specialist. It has always been a possibility that we go to that apt, and they say it's time to have a baby right now and wheel me right to the hospital. We no longer have placenta previa. We're currently keeping a very close eye on the umbilical cord. A normal umbilical cord attaches to the center of the placenta where it is strongest. For some reason ours attaches on the very edge of the placenta. So my body has built some extra something (I wish I remembered what he said.) to keep things attached. Although the possibility of that becoming detached is small if that were to happen it would mean immediate delivery. The other issue is major blood vessels could be compressed and we would have a very high bleeding risk and/or it would/could cause some complications for our Little Man.

Today we were so lucky to hear that Baby Boy has nearly doubled his weight in 4 weeks. He's getting plenty of blood flow and nutrients from the cord! Which means that for now I'm just looking out for the usual symptoms that you would need to call your Dr. For. We see our regular dr in 10 days and then the specialist in three weeks. Once we make it to that specialist apt we will see both drs every week. The specialist also said that if something doesn't happen before 39 weeks we'll be induced. Which I'm pretty excited about. 39 sounds like a magical number to make it to. So we'll probably have a Thanksgiving Baby instead. Baby is kicking like crazy and I throughly enjoyed the ultrasound today watching him hiccup and feeling it at the same time. These pictures of his sweet face are just incredible to me. I think he looks like Scott already, and I'm not mad about that one bit. We already have chubby cheeks! With plenty of time to chunk up some more. Keep growing sweetheart!

Things are definitely getting real with how many medical appointments we've been keeping up with. We also threw the hospital registration, tour, and several classes into the mix. Oh! And we sold my car. It was hard to say goodbye for a couple hours, but then we found my new car and I'm not sad at all. It has all the features I want and is so comfortable. I'm so glad we pulled the trigger on that. The nursery is pretty much done, and some of my dear friends are throwing me a baby shower in a couple of weeks!

With how many things we've got going on, and the things we're crossing off the list it really feels like we're in go mode. 8 weeks. We've made it this far, surely we can make it these last few right?

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  1. Hooray!!! Sorry it's such a rough spot and I know you don't know me, but many a "stranger" is helping to pray your handsome guy here safely. Thanks for the update!