Sunday, February 22, 2015


So we've almost been married for six months. And a lot has happened in those six months, but a lot happened before that too. So for the sake of our family year books I'm going to back track a little. We truly had the wedding of the year and I intend to do it justice.

The morning of engagements I was trying to figure out what we should wear. Perusing Scott's closet I made the executive decision we both probably needed a few things for these pictures. Scott had class all day so I texted him asking for his sizes, and being sweet as he is. He put up with me and ran to the bathroom for sizes.

Mom and I (can we just talk about how fun it was to have my mom there? because really) ran over to the J.Crew, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor outlets. I bought Scott two pairs of pants, two button down shirts, and a navy blazer that I prayed would fit because I just couldn't live without.

He came over to the house about an hour before we were going to start taking pictures, and EVERYTHING fit him perfectly. and he LOVED all of the things that I picked, and he really loved how things fit, and he really loved me shopping/dressing for him. Which is pretty much the best green light ever. I'm glad he lets me dress him.

Lauren Noorda (my dear, dear friend) took our pictures. I love her because she gets excited, and she compliments easily. She is really good at making you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and capturing your relationship exactly how it is. We got gorgeous shots, and we got shots that you can look at, and know exactly who we are and how much love there is between us. More than I could ever ask for from a photographer.

We started at my house because I wanted to take some pictures of us dancing in the kitchen. On my online dating profile I had included that I wanted someone who would dance with me in the kitchen, and in Scott's first message to me he said that he would gladly dance with me in the kitchen. It set him apart and I knew there was something different about this incredibly attractive man.

I really really like kissing him. (am I allowed to say that?) 

Can you see why I needed that Blue Blazer? 

One of my all time favorites

and this was when I told Scott I saw this on Pinterest and it was super cute. It turned out to be completely silly, but it's one of my favorite pictures of us of all time. 

mhmm, man I love this man. 

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