Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bachelorette Party

I have the best girlfriends, it's no surprise I ended up with 9 bridesmaids. My dear friends Hilary and Hannah threw the party. We had it at my little red-brick house and it was so perfect. Hilary and I met as babies while our parents were going to BYU and Hannah and I became instant best friends during my Denver/College days. She moved out to Utah just a few weeks after I met Scott and we got to live together while I was engaged. So basically it was a non-stop party living together. 

They planned wonderful games and made the cutest spread of desserts. My close girlfriends and cousins came. Obviously I can't write about the whole party because that breaks all sorts of girl code rules.  But a gorgeous party deserves to be remembered. 

Love you girls, thank you for making getting married such a blast! 


 Hilary moved in with me when Scott moved to Texas to help keep me sane while we were apart before the wedding. It was so good for my heart.
Uhm how cute are these? 

Tissue paper wedding dresses 

Miss Madi 

My dear Hannah and Hilary 

Seriously these two throw an amazing party! 

Madi watercolored this and it happily hangs in my kitchen. 

I don't know how we missed getting a picture of the whole group, it really was so much fun to get together with the girls! 

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