Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bridesmaid dresses

Hey Mom,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I met a really cute boy and we're getting married, and I want to throw the event of the year.

ps. Do you mind sewing bridesmaid dresses out of silk chiffon for my closest friends?

pps. There's only nine.

love, Jess

I mean, the conversation didn't quite go like that, but it definitely escalated into that.  We pinky promised when I was 13 we wouldn't make my wedding dress, I don't think making all the bridesmaid dresses were any easier, but OH they were stunning.

I had a color palette in mind, and we looked everywhere for the dresses I was dreaming of. It turned into sending pictures back and forth with my Mom and then we decided it would be best to make them. We realized quickly finding the silk chiffon fabric in the colors we wanted was no easy task.

That is until we found out Mood Fabrics ships! Project Runway fans will know what I'm talking about. Designer fabric in the most gorgeous colors you can dream of. My littlest sister was my maid of honor and started in her own shade of green, then my four girlfriends would be a lighter green, my two married sisters would be in Pesto, and Scott's two sisters would be in Eggplant to accent the greens.

Oh and did I mention my bridesmaids lived in four different states? She enlisted the help of her friend Mindy, a costume designer and seamstress wizard and skyped Mindy in to help with fittings. Mom made mock bodices and mailed them to the bridesmaids and did skype fittings while faithful husbands pinned and marked the dresses. I have never seen something so incredible. 

Oh and she made Lillie's dress too, and sewed lace from my Grandma McGuire onto my temple dress. 

She's incredible. 

There was a lot of twirling happening :)  

 The green we picked out for Alyssa was too granny smith apple, so we pulled a Kate Middleton and put her in ivory and made her sash out of a little fabric left over from Lillie's dress. She's a knockout.
Dream come true to be standing with all of these gorgeous ladies.

We made a victory tunnel for her to celebrate. Have you ever seen such gorgeous dresses?

 It couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you Momma, I love you!

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  1. I don't know how I missed this post, but I loved reading about how the bridesmaid dresses all came together. They're beautiful. I've said it before, but you're Mom is AMAZING!