Thursday, July 7, 2016

18 week update! Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Yesterday we met with the Maternal Fetal Specialist. I would probably rate my stress and anxiety level at a 10-11 leading up to the appointment. Our family knew about that, so when the appointment went for 2.5hrs there was some definite panic that things were not going well. 

We're happy to report out of all the possible outcomes we really got the best one. 

We got to the Specialist's early and did vitals first, then we went into another room where we talked with a nurse about genetic testing. I finally had to apologize to the nurse that we were both making a couple of jokes, because we were so stressed out laughing was the only way we were going to get through the appointment. She thought we were a breath of fresh air and took us seriously.

We opted for some genetic testing just because of how traumatic this pregnancy has been. Just a few simple blood tests. 

We had been there over an hour before we got to the ultrasound. This was our big anatomy scan so she worked on me for about 30mins. 

Everything is measuring perfectly, and their little noggin is even a few days ahead of schedule (within reason). Which was a huge relief to me. I've been working with the nutritionist and have only gained a pound this month. I think the average is usually about 4lbs a month. 

Baby was sleeping and so stinking low she kept thwapping my stomach with the ultrasound to try and get them to move. She was working pretty hard,  but after all the great measurements we finally got the one we wanted. A son! We're having a boy! 

We were so excited, right after she told us Scott touched my arm and asked if I was okay. I was silent and shook my head yes. Poor Scott thought I was upset it was a boy. Turns out the ultrasound gel for my tummy isn't supposed to itch and burn. I was trying to focus and get through the ultrasound, I was so determined to let her get all her measurements. I finally asked if it was supposed to itch and burn and I guess it's not. Slight allergic reaction/sensitivity. So now I know I can ask for hypoallergenic gel. And I promised Scott I would speak up in the future.. Oops! 

After the ultrasound tech finished she went to go get the Dr and Scott was beaming. He was walking back and forth and talking about all the things we wanted to teach our son. All I could see was matching BYU hats and a chubby little blondie following him around while he mowed the lawn. It's perfect, I never knew this is exactly what I wanted. 

Plus he's going to be a Mama's boy and what's better than that? ;) 

Scott is the only boy in his immediate family, so I'm pretty excited we get to carry on the family name. 

We do still have the placenta complication, but the Dr. Isn't really worried about it. It didn't really make sense to me how the placenta was supposed to move without detaching. She explained it's like if you put a dot on a balloon and as you inflated the balloon the dot would change position. So that's what we're hoping for. I'll go back in a month for another apt with the specialist, but we're so grateful the answer wasn't bedrest at least for another month. And the best news of all, no travel restrictions so I get to be there when my brother comes home from his mission. 

It's crazy how quickly things changed once we knew we were having a little boy. Scott had promised me that after the app was finished we could paint the upstairs. He finished a few days ago and this morning he woke me up by telling me he just got back from Home Depot getting the rest of the painting supplies. We know what we're going to name him, but are keeping it a secret til he gets here, but we prayed for him by name last night during family prayer and it was such a sweet experience. 

I slept for nearly 12hours last night. Yesterday couldn't have gone better and I am so relieved. Now we can buy outfits and paint the nursery and do all of the fun stuff with a whole lot less worry. So happy 18weeks to us! 

We love you sweet boy, keep growing big and strong! I hope you get your Dad's baby cheeks. 

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  1. Scott definitely had the best baby cheeks ever!!