Thursday, July 14, 2016

19 weeks was a doozy.

19 weeks today! I feel like the last 10 days we've felt pretty much every possible emotion in the human spectrum. 

Last week we were coming off of some major wins with all the success Scott had at work and with the app. Once we got approval for the app to be in the App Store the next few days were filled with getting things ready for the launch party. 

Tuesday night everything was set up to get a group skype going with family to toast and cheer as it went live in the App Store. I went downstairs to grab wine glasses and martinellis and made it back up stairs only to double over in pain and drop the glasses before I could sit down. Once Scott got me to the couch and I could get my legs kinda tucked up and compress(is that the right word?) the sharp shooting pains weren't as bad, and I was not going to take away from this party. This was about 11pm. We had a blast skyping and launched the app successfully! 

We were headed to bed around 1am and I got up to walk to my bed. Not very far at all and the sharp pains and cramping got way more intense. I curled up into a ball on the bed and started breathing really hard. Things were not getting better. 

I called my Mom crying and told her what was going on. (So grateful she was awake.) Sobbing into the phone to your Mom that you are terrified you're going to lose another baby is something I wish on no one. She got me lined out on calling the Dr. And calling her back. Our Dr. Has an answering service that will page him. We called twice and the service didn't pick up. Panicking even more I called my Mom back and she told us we could call the charge nurse at labor and delivery at the hospital. We were able to get through and she was able to get us through to my Dr. Who sent me immediately to the ER. 

Scott got me in the car and got us to the hospital in record time. Thankfully there was literally no one in the ER. We got checked in and in a room pretty quick. 

We waited for awhile to see a Dr. And then they decided to do bloodwork, urine test, IV and an ultrasound. 

While they were running labs, I sat on the bed with my knees tucked up to be relatively comfortable. We had been there close to 2 hours before the ultrasound guy came in. I wished so badly there was another bed for Scott to sleep in. Oh we were so exhausted, physically and emotionally. 

I can't even describe how wonderful it was to immediately hear a strong heartbeat of 151, and see him with his signature hands behind his head move. Everything looked great on the ultrasound, and a few minutes in he decided to give us a show flipping around and swimming. He even gave us a sassy thumbs up like "how could you possibly be worried about me Mom & Dad?"

His little thumb is up at the bottom of the screen. I immediately relaxed after seeing our little sasspot so happy and comfortable in there. 

A little while later the Dr. came back with all of our lab results and no answers. Which is kinda good, but also had me a little nervous. The sharp pains and cramps had gone down. It had been over six hours since it started.  

I asked what if it happens again? Should I come in? Did I overreact? Thankfully the Dr. Didn't think we were crazy and told us if it gets bad like this again to come straight in. They also told us if we had been 20 weeks we would have been sent straight to Labor & Delivery. I was so grateful to be headed home to rest in my own bed. 

Coincidentally I had an appointment scheduled with my regular OB at 10:15 that morning. So we went home and slept for four hours and headed to the Dr.  Sleepy. That appointment went great, and he found the baby's heartbeat in less than a second. He also agreed that if that happened again we don't even need to call him and head straight to the hospital. He also agreed with the ER that this was an isolated event and since the baby was just fine it might not even be related to the pregnancy at all. 

He didn't put me on bedrest and even said I can still go to Arizona for our vacation when my brother comes home from his mission. On the condition that I don't end up in the ER between now and then. 

Scott the Wonderboy stopped for breakfast on our way home from the dr. Tucked me in and went straight to work. I am so grateful we live in TX and he works for such a wonderful company. He has the freedom to work from home, and there's no way this baby or I would get through the pregnancy without him. We're laying pretty low over here. Increasing my water intake from 125oz/day to something higher than that. (They ruled out dehydration, but I'm not taking any chances.) 

In the 36hrs we've been home from the hospital the app has generated some serious social media buzz and downloads which I can't help but see as a blessing for all of Scott's hard work and dedication to taking care of his family. 

Next thing on the list for all three of us is a lot of naps, and then some more naps. 

But hey, next week we're halfway! 

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