Friday, May 29, 2015


We went on a cruise to The Bahamas!

 Scott has may or may not had to correct me when I tell people that we went on our honeymoon to Jamaica. The Bahamas was really really cool, I just get them mixed up. Oops.

Funny story: When we were checking into the cruise, the lady asked if anyone in our party was pregnant. Without missing a beat Scott turned to me and said, "Dear?" I hadn't been paying attention and was so caught off guard I turned bright red. We had only been married 24hrs! 

We went on an excursion to a private island one of the days. I think the cruise line owned the island. A bunch of the people from the ship went, and there were chairs and umbrellas and we got to swim in the ocean. 

The ship was very cool! 

When we got off the ship we couldn't check into the hotel for awhile so we took advantage of being in Florida and spent the day at HARRY POTTER WORLD!! 

Which was everything I had hoped for and more. 

These butterbeer mugs have become our go to ice cream bowls. We use them almost everyday. 

Scott walked away for a few minutes... but I was EXCITED! 



And then it was time to get back to AZ for reception #2

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