Friday, May 29, 2015

The Very Best Day Part 3

That handsome boy in the middle is all mine. 

I think Scott is such a good mix of his parents. 

The Dalys! Corinne and her family got strep throat the weekend of the wedding, she got to come to the reception because she had been on antibiotics for 24hrs, but we definitely missed her boys. 

I love this one of Fred and Corinne. 

This is Scott's Grandpa Waldron. Pretty much one of the coolest people I've ever met. He went skydiving at 90yrs old, and muscled out my two brothers-in-law for the garter toss. 

Scott and his groomsmen. 

Sweet Charly Girl


We pretty much twirled all day. 

The Moores

Lillie Girl


My girlfriends

Alyssa was the best maid of honor. Switching her dress to ivory was so Pippa Middleton. She rocked it.

She told me that this is what the teenagers do when they mean "Fierce"



Don't they look perfect in purple? 




Madi - I have a normal picture of us too, but I love this one. 

Oaty (Kristin) - Subtle as a gun.

McGuire Girls

My 4th sister... Momsie.

This is what we call our "Authority Nails"

The Calls

Cutting the cake

I mean, he knows me really well... but that competitive drive is hard to tame sometimes. 

For our first dance we chose "I do not love you" by Ron Pope

I really like kissing him. 

Scott and his mom danced to "My Wish" By Rascal Flatts

As a surprise for my Dad I picked "The way you look tonight" from the Father of the Bride Soundtrack. He's my George. 

With Grammy Frost

I love our crazy. 

I was a little sad that JT and Rick couldn't be there. My sisters married really really well. I'm so grateful Mackay and Cam are my brothers. I love them so much. They worked so hard to help pull the reception together and they each grabbed a flag from the countries my brothers were/are serving church missions in and participated in the garter toss as proxy. 

Poppa Bear

Mima and Brian 

I'm not even kidding when I say the Grandpa Waldron won the garter toss. He also asked the videographer if she had a single Grandma she could set him up with. Such a spark plug. :) 

For the record I had no idea they were going to make out in our wedding video. It was hilarious. #keeptheflameburnin

 The photographer asked us to all kiss Dad for a picture. Which is so cute, but we really aren't a super affectionate family. We laugh and are sarcastic and silly when we're together. We couldn't figure out how to all kiss dad at the same time which resulted in the picture below. I think I was going for his chin.

Alyssa really nailed it. 

 And then it was time to leave for the honeymoon!

One of my very dear friends had had a baby just a few days before the wedding. She came for a few minutes and I saw her in line as we ran out. I was so happy to see her before we left UT. 

Like forever-ever. 

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