Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Very Best Day. 8.8.14

I couldn't sleep the night before. I knew that I should sleep because it was going to be a long day but I just couldn't. I found myself writing Scott a love letter from the deepest parts of my heart at 2am. I was so grateful that we had fought for our temple marriage. We had survived the Temple Clearance letter process, and I was only hours away from becoming Jessica Nan Daly. Heavenly Father was so mindful of us,  I knew from our first date he was going to be my husband. Neither of us really knew how all of the big picture stuff was going to work out. We did however know that we love each other more than anything else, and that we loved God. Heavenly Father moved mountains to get us together and for that I will always be grateful. Everything had fallen into place, and I had never been more sure that we were supposed to be together forever. We fell hard and fast and it was exciting and crazy and perfect. Every time someone would ask me if I thought this was too fast, or if I really knew him, I would respond. "He is the easiest decision I have ever made." He still is. We have almost been married for nine months and I couldn't be more grateful he's mine forever I've fallen deeper in love with him everyday.

My parents, Alyssa, and I slept at the Lundwall's the night before. It was fun to get to share my last night of being a single girl with my single sister. It felt like something you should do. Alyssa was my maid of honor and was indispensable. We woke up at 5am and I got in the shower. Someone gave me the advice to get up a little extra early and take my time getting ready and enjoy it. Totally worth it. I dried my hair and then Lisa (my saint of a friend) and hairdresser drove up the canyon to start my hair at 6am. I handed my phone to Lyssa and she started the social media sharing.

 Lundwalls have this awesome workout room covered in mirrors, I felt like a celebrity. Mom bought me the most gorgeous white lace robe to wear while I got ready. Lyssa was seriously in top form all day. She set alarms for every little thing I asked her to do. I really couldn't have done it without her.
 I did my makeup and we went upstairs. My Dad made me scrambled eggs. He's an incredible breakfast chef  and knows his girls so well. Time to take time to sit down and eat, and breathe. After breakfast I asked him to give me a fathers blessing and it was one of the sweetest moments of our relationship together. I love my Dad.

Somehow we passed Scott on the way to the temple and I remember feeling so proud of myself. I always make us late. We got to walk in together and I will never forget the way he looked at me when he took my hand to walk into the temple. Love is such a pure and beautiful thing. Mom took my dress to get things set up in the bride's room while Scott and I finished paperwork in the office.

Back when I went through the temple for the first time, after the session my mom held my hand in the bride's room and she started to tear up and said "We'll be here soon enough." I remember thinking I'm so glad she's getting some revelation on the husband project because I got nothing. Who knew Scott would walk into my life just a few short months later? Moms know. She helped me get dressed into my temple clothes and we hugged and held hands and tried not to cry. We were there. In the Bride's Room. For real.

Scott and I got to spend some time in the Celestial Room just us before the sealing. I have never felt more calm and excited at the same time. The sealing was full of family and friends, and I could hardly believe we were there. We had the corner sealing room in Mt. Timpanogos we had seen after doing a session the month before. It had so much incredible light. We knew it was ours. Scott looked so handsome dressed in white.

After the sealing we hugged everyone and it was time to change into our wedding clothes and start the party! Mom and I went back to the bride's room to get dressed and I realized I didn't have my veil. I LOVED the veil and didn't want to walk out of the temple without it. Somehow it had gotten left in the truck and I was freaking out. Somehow my saint of a mother got the veil to the Bride's room and traded spots with Lisa who came in to touch up my hair and place the veil.

But come on. The veil was crucial. 

Happiest Day of our Lives. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I'm so glad you found me sweetheart. 

Reception and Wedding Videos coming soon. :) 

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