Friday, July 24, 2015

Settling in.

With both stores up and running, it was time to make this place home. A few Craigslist scores, and a husband who knew how to hang things we were living in a fairy tale. 

First real dinner in our new place. It took me 15minutes to get to the grocery store and I called my sister Lindsay freaking out that I didn't know how to make dinner. A girl with a degree in food doesn't know how to make dinner. Thanks to her we had Chicken Tacos and Scott thought I was amazing. So much to learn haha. 
We ate our way through nearly 25+ flavors I'm sure those first few months in Texas. It became our nightly ritual. A bowl of ice cream and we would talk about our days. 

Homemade pizza and football quickly became another one of our favorite traditions. 

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