Friday, July 24, 2015

Married//Cross Country Move//Open a Store


Why not?

It was a complete whirlwind getting married and honeymooning. While the honeymoon still isn't over (a year later) there definitely was a lot of reality pulling out of my parents driveway after the Flagstaff reception. It's been my joke this year that if my husband wasn't so cute I wouldn't have moved to Texas. Which is true. I'm loving it now, but it was really really hard to drive away from the west and everything I knew. I can only imagine what Scott was thinking leaving Arizona with his new bride, headed to the place he picked, to the dream job he wanted. Except his new bride cried all the way to New Mexico. (We have learned a lot this year. )

I think I was grateful when I got the call from my Boss asking me to come back to work early. Kneaders was something I knew very well, and being needed in San Antonio for work made it feel like we were just going there for work. Not because we were moving there forever. Originally I was going to take a week once we got to San Antonio to get settled, but the permits for the store had come in late and it was Wednesday afternoon and they had just barely been allowed into the store. Meaning they had lost three days of prep work and needed to open in 48hours. As much as my boss apologized  for asking me back early I ran whole-heartedly back into my kitchen. I needed something high-stress and chaotic to feel grounded. Crazy how that works right? Well it was the hardest, most chaotic, stressful opening I've ever done. I walked in the kitchen Thursday morning  and less than 48hrs later we were open.

Those two weeks of getting that store off the ground were insane. As soon as they seemed relatively stable I flew to Denver to open another store there.

San Antonio Kneaders was up and running, out to dinner to celebrate! (Married two weeks)

I was running Valentine's Day when we went on our first date and was under a lot of stress at work, but I fell in love with Scott on that first date because in those three hours he made all the stress disappear and the chaos stopped. Things were comfortable and I knew I wanted that forever.  In between working at the store I unpacked the house and tried to learn how to make dinner for Scott. We started to get settled and even with everything around us being non-stop we were (are) blissfully happy. New job for Scott, new house, new marriage, work moving at warp speed for me, but we got to have family prayer together each night and lay our heads next to each other. Which was more than we could have ever asked for.

Pizza on the floor our first night in our new apartment. 
Couldn't be happier. August 18th, 2014

Unloaded in San Antonio! 

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