Sunday, September 6, 2015

Shamu Club

For Memorial Day Scott woke me up with season passes to Sea World here in San Antonio. Little did we know how quickly we were going to fall in love with this place. It's absolutely perfect. Our passes give us free parking and 20% off of everything. They just opened the Pacific Point Preserve with a new sea lion show and it's hilarious! I love Sea World. It's so relaxed and I love the animals. There's a couple big roller coasters and lots of wonderful shows. With the Pacific Point Preserve the opened Harbor Market as well. For being a theme park the food is reasonably priced and its really good. I would much rather have an Italian Panini than corn dogs and hamburgers. We have probably gone every week this summer. We also bought the pass that gives us access to Aquatica, Sea World's waterpark. They have this really cool waterslide that takes you under the stingray tank so you can see the stingrays above you. It's also really clean, major bonus! Sea World came out with an app for it's 50th anniversary and you can collect badges for answering questions and learning about marine life. Once we collected all the badges we got free ice cream. I definitely think this will become a yearly thing that we do.

The Steel Eel is a roller coaster of nothing but Camelbacks, my favorite! Scott's, not so much. It was hilarious! 

There's an aviary in the lazy river, this bird if from the part of Africa where Scott served his mission. 

 Free Shamu Ice Cream
We were hanging out in the conservation center and a Zoologist invited us and some other people on a behind the scenes tour of some more animal exhibits they're building. The lemurs were really cool. 

We've been going so much we decided to invest in Sea World/Waterpark wear. We like to travel light.  Coordinating was unintentional, but I feel really good about it. 

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