Sunday, September 6, 2015

Our House

So it started when we found out that our rent was going to go up when our lease was up, and then we did some research and found out that a mortgage would be pretty much the same as paying rent. If we're being honest (I'm still adjust to hot and humid) we're going to be in San Antonio for awhile. My rockstar husband has a job that he loves, and they love him. Because of this rockstar job we have a pretty sweet life. Maybe I'll staple some fall leaves to my tree. Anyway.. back to the subject.

Scott started looking at houses to rent and it put him in contact with a really great team that made the decision whether to rent or buy pretty easy. We started looking seriously at houses over General Conference weekend. We found a house in our budget that we really liked. It had a fantastic kitchen and was close to the temple. They had ripped out a pool in the backyard and were offering money to landscape it. Being a little naive we thought we could tackle that and rip the carpet out of the bathroom. We had everything lined up and were ready to put an offer in, and then that night I was looking at some more listings and found a house in our ward, cheaper, much less landscaping to do. It felt right that we needed to wait to put in an offer on the first house. We called our realtor and asked if we could see the other house the next morning. Houses move fast down here, we have a lot of military families moving in and out. When we walked into the new house it felt like home. We wouldn't have to move wards and it was closer to work for Scott. It was a no brainer. This was our house. We were the first showing and we put in an offer an hour later. Our realtor told us it was priced for a bidding war so since it was cheaper than we were planning on we put in a big offer. They accepted that day and we decided to close June 1st. The longer we're here the more and more we know this is where we're supposed to be. This is where we want to raise our kids, and dance in the kitchen.

Waiting in the driveway for the final walk through. 

Serious adulting!

Our first home! 

We got the keys pretty late in the day so we brought the TV, our airbed, and Scott magically produced the Women's College World Series Championship game. 

This is the stuff of dreams. 

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