Sunday, September 6, 2015


My birthday is February 15th and Scott's birthday is March 8th. It makes it feel like the holidays can go on just a little longer and I love it. My request for Scott this year was that my birthday and Valentines Day be separate events. For Valentines Day we celebrated at The Melting Pot on the 13th. It was my first time and it absolutely divine. 

Since my birthday was on a Sunday we celebrated on Saturday. I slept in and Scott ran errands. When he got home we went to Torchy's Tacos. LOVE that place. When we got home he wouldn't let me come out of our room so he could decorate the apartment. He made me a basketball themed party complete with a banner and my favorite Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie. When I opened my present he pulled his own nerf gun out from under the couch and we had a fantastic nerf gun fight.  It was a wonderful day. He sure does make me feel special. 

For Scott's birthday I decided I wanted to make a Captain America themed party for him. His birthday was on a Saturday so I wanted to surprise him after work on Friday. I ordered some fantastic Captain America posters and got balloons. I ordered a pin the arc reactor on Iron Man game but it didn't get here until Monday after the party. I made him a Captain America cake and we watched Captain America that night. Turns out Scott's favorite Avenger is Iron Man and my favorite Avenger is Captain America. Oops. What? Captain America looks like my Scott. Who can blame me? :)  we slept in the next day and ate cake for breakfast.  We went out to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, and got Scott a serious piece of meat. Scott loves cuff links and French cuff shirts. I ordered him Captain America cuff links. I love seeing little pieces of his personality worked into his Sunday fashion.  So much fun, I sure am grateful for him. 

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