Friday, September 11, 2015

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July my parents and Kristin and Cam came to visit! We had been in the house about a month and it was my parents first time coming to visit us since we moved to Texas. It was so nice to have room for everyone to be comfortable!

It started with a party at the airport. Somehow Kristin and Cam pulled into the airport parking lot right as Mom and Dad landed. I think there is some magic in airport arrivals. Screaming and hugging and celebrating. I just couldn't be more grateful to have my people come visit.

We took them to Torchy's Tacos, Mom had never been. Which was a fantastic start to the weekend. That night we played Just Dance. There's a dance on the game where you dance to the Tetris song and each person dancing is a piece. Cam just happened to be the piece you have to pick up and carry.

The next morning we went to Sea World! (I realize we go there a lot, but it's so fun!) We had been prepping the twins for Sea World for weeks. Just like Disneyland, any theme park is more magical with kids. We went to all the shows and rode the roller coasters. Scott is so good at remembering the shows he knew where to have all of us sit to get the best views. Their reactions were the best part.  As the day went on we decided to stick it out and stay for the fireworks that night instead of coming back the next day.  I love pictures, but I realize that sometimes it's boring to look at 25 pictures of someone's trip. Which is why Scott has started making video montages of our adventures. So if you want to skip the pictures here's the montage.

 It's pretty hot and humid here in Texas. By the afternoon we were ready to get splashed in a major way. The water is 52degrees and glorious. Mom was a direct hit from two whales.


Gray is something else. We counted it up and we walked about 8miles that day. Gray ran serpentine through the park and has little legs. He didn't tire out at all! Love this little cheeser.

Poppa and Tenley Bug

Humidity brings us together

First Shamu Coaster! 

Demonstrating to Gray how to properly wave to Mom on a ride. 

When I say Gray didn't get tired. He didn't get tired. Us spirited kids gotta stick together. 

The next morning was the Fourth of July. Scott and the boys put up our flag and Dad found a place called The Magnolia Pancake Haus for breakfast. Thats one of my favorite McGuire traditions is to go out to breakfast on the Fourth of July. 

Poppa knows how to rough up the little boys. 

The Pancake Haus was mind blowing good. I had pulled pork on my eggs benedict. Life changing. 

"I know what I'm about Son." - Ron Swanson 

 We went swimming that afternoon and I made BBQ chicken. Does anyone else plan their vacations around food? Kristin and Cam went home on Sunday after church. Monday we took Mom and Dad downtown to the riverwalk and showed them our favorite spots.

The next day we took them to USAA so they could see where Scott works and he could tell them about everything he does. It made for a really fun day.

We went and did a session together in the San Antonio temple. We didn't realize that we would be in a session filled with missionaries. I think we were all missing our Elder McGuire. 

It was such a fantastic trip. We might just have to make this a new Fourth of July tradition. Thanks for coming everyone, we love you! 

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