Friday, September 25, 2015

Living Room and Dining Room Remodel

When we started looking for houses we were naive and fearless. The first house we were pretty set on we had big ideas to rip out the deck, learn how to tile the bathrooms etc. Oh I'm so glad we didn't buy that house. We picked the house full of fun colors. It the South, everyone loves bold color, and every room in our house is(was) a different color. The previous owners left us gallons and gallons of paint. I hated the colors in the downstairs so much I told Scott that we were going to repaint before anyone helped us move in. I didn't want anyone to think that the colors in our house was a conscious decision on my part. Mature I know.

The kitchen was bright orange, the dining room was blood red, and the living room was sage green with brown accent panels. A different brown than what is on the stairs. Works for some people, just not for me. After several test colors we decided on Natural Grey by Behr. 

We had a pretty good laugh when we both discovered we had never painted a room without our parents before. Just learning how to be adults :). 

Living Room Before and After. 

We even went to a real store to buy furniture. It was an amazing day. 

It finally feels like ours! I'm loving learning all these new schools and getting to work with Scott. Next up for these two rooms are drapes, the mantle, and a centerpiece for the dining room table. 

Ps. If you follow us on instagram the hashtags we're using for our home projects are #dalysmakeahome and #dalydiy 

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  1. Do you sometimes look at what you've accomplished and wonder "How did I do that"? I can hardly wait for a visit in person to see your home. Looking forward to your next project.