Monday, February 1, 2016



I didn't go to church yesterday. On Saturday I coached the young women's basketball game. I was a little nervous about the game because I wasn't feeling well and I knew if we started to lose it would be my job to cheer and motivate the girls to dig out of the hole. What a wonderful blessing to stay ahead the whole game and win our first game! 

After the game we came home and I rested for an hour before we went to Sea World. It was Pass Members only day and we thought it would be deserted. We were very wrong. We waited in the sun in a line for forty minutes. We went to one show and left. We stopped for food on the way home because I was nauseous and we were both a little cranky from the crowds.

Sea World wasn't my best idea, I wanted to take advantage of feeling okay but the reality is these drugs are no joke. I had a three hour nap when we got home. Woke up for food and slept some more. I woke up feeling really nauseous with bad headaches. Those headaches are the devil. My goal this round was to avoid throwing up. I threw up a lot before bedtime. My body was exhausted. I crawled into bed and fell asleep fast. Very unlike me. The next morning Scott woke me up to get ready for church but my body was too tired. I told Scott maybe we could go to the last hour (sacrament) so I could rest some more. Woke up nauseous again and church just wasn't going to happen. By the time I was relatively awake it was time for the next dose of drugs. I had another nap and Scott stayed with me and worked on his app checking on me. 

Today I did much better, I slept in again but I was feeling good enough to get a low impact workout in, make dinner, and shower/get ready before Scott got home. No throwing up today and headaches have been minimal. It sounds like a simple day but I'm pretty proud of it. I think the first three days of Femara are a big reality check to my system. Day four (today) I think I've adjust some. I would gladly take exhausted over nauseous and headaches. Only one more day of drugs tomorrow. Ultrasound on Sunday. I'm really happy, this cycle has been hard, but I think this is the most calm and happy I've been. I can't help but feel everything is falling in place for this one to work. 

Any progress is progress. 

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