Friday, February 12, 2016

Game day!

We made it!

The procedure went great. Scott asked the sweet nurse if it was normal to be so exhausted. And she said yes, most definitely. I'm afraid we both look pretty spent emotionally and physically. But we are SO HAPPY in this picture. We made it to the finish line! 

After the procedure they had me lay still for about ten minutes. It was an uncomfortable procedure, but as soon as they were done I felt so relieved. And really proud of us, and my body. This has been a really hard process, but I'm so proud of how hard we've worked for this. 

Scott took me home and decided to work from home to keep an eye on me. I was so relieved I fell asleep for a four hour nap. I told my sister in law Shannon about that and she responded with "a nap is the best kind of victory lap." I love her. It's so true. 

It felt a lot like being swollen, with cramps and a sunburn on my stomach. I moved from the bed to the couch and just relaxed. Scott is so good to me. I really had to focus to relax during the procedure and I know it's not easy for him to not be able to help me. I guess my face wasn't so good at pretending I wasn't hurting. When I woke up from my nap he was going through grocery store ads and making a grocery list. 

He planned dinners, went to three different stores, picked up dinner and a beautiful bouquet of roses for me. Best. Valentine's. Ever. 

And crystal lite was back in stock. I almost started crying. Mostly because I love the inside joke of crystal lite and just how long this journey has been. 

Sleeping was a little rough last night, but eventually I figured out how to get comfortable and slept really well. Woke up feeling tons better. Not nearly as sore or crampy, just a little nauseous when I'm hungry. It's so nice to feel on the up&up. I even cleaned up the kitchen today! 

We start the last medication tomorrow to hopefully help the baby(ies) stick. 

We officially find out in 13 days! 

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