Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Learning to love deeply

Tonight I'm thinking about how deeply I love Scott and those moments when I knew we were adding weight to that deeper kind of love. We met and married fast because we knew. We knew we were supposed to be together, but we have learned so much more about each other struggling and fighting through infertility and sometimes just life. I think that deep love doubles every time we love each other at our worst, or when we're going through something hard. Or just a really great kiss. Those add strength too. 

Some Good Kisses & Deep Love Builders

- Crying in the Sprouts Parking Lot that one time when we were engaged because of things I couldn't control. 
- watching Scott pull up in his truck while I was washing dishes the day we got our temple clearance letter and running down the driveway barefoot and jumping into his arms. 
- Running through the rain & kissing in the street Valentine's Day 2014
- Kissing him Goodbye as he left to get us settled in San Antonio
- Getting Sealed
- Running out of Dinner on our honeymoon because we were dummy's and got crazy sun burned and needed aloe. 
- Following the ambulance when you got sick 
- Holding me close when I got homesick for the first time
- Staying by my side when I had to go to the ER our first Christmas.. And putting me in the shower after I projectile vomited on myself

- Telling me I wasn't allowed to take anymore pregnancy tests without you. 
- squeezing my hand real tight to make me strong when Lindsay called to say they were pregnant, and letting me cry after
- Not missing a single doctors appointment 
- letting me be scared when we found the lumps in my chest. 
-kissing me when the surgeon gave us the all clear in that weird exam room. 
- Mourning with me each time we weren't pregnant
- sitting next to me on the stairs when I couldn't walk because of fertility drugs 
- calling that one lady a bad word when she was mean to me
- Cheering what day we're on of drugs
- Giving me Bottomless Diet Coke and a really great Christmas when December sucked

And countless other things. I spent some time talking to my sweet Mother in Law over Christmas about what a wonderful foundation infertility has given our marriage. I couldn't agree more. I think we make a pretty great team. And I'm grateful for reasons to love deeper. 

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