Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I hate these kinds of pictures. Maybe it's because I've always been self conscious of my mid section, but our photographer snapped this picture last week and today.. Day 1 post trigger shot it just gave me butterflies. It looks like a pregnancy announcement doesn't it?  I added it up on Sunday how many days we will have waited if we find out we're pregnant on the 17th. 402. That's a lot of days to wait for you little one. Oh how much we know you're worth it. 

I had a bad go this second round of drugs. I'll spare you the details but I was so messed up I showed up pretty much in my pajamas an hour late to a yw presidency meeting. I went to the wrong house, wrong gate code etc. I walked into the meeting told them to fire me, and started crying because I was tired and hot. But those sisters were so compassionate and kind to me. All I can think of tonight is how much faith I have in Heavenly Father's timing. 

Had we not had to wait this long I wouldn't have been able to do girls camp or serve in young women's. We would have a three month old baby right now! Because we have had to wait we have made such incredible friends down here in TX. I know that family will come see us, but how lonely would that have been to not really know anyone and be a new Mom? 

This trial has only brought Scott and I closer together, and while this hasn't been the easiest I'm really grateful for our good friends and ovaries that feel like exploding puffer fish. 

Because tonight I am hopeful. 

We are one day closer to bringing you home little one. 

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