Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Feeling a lot of things. When December failed, I started telling myself we were going to have a baby next year. Which helped a ton, but now we're into the unmonitored cycle, and when I should have gotten a positive ovulation test today I didn't. I was hoping all these drugs into my system would have put my body back on a normal schedule. Which it isn't. Lame. So most likely We'll lose another 10days and have to do provera to restart things. We decided to do the iui this time which means both of us need to go have infectious disease bloodwork done. They're also adding progesterone suppositories after to hopefully keep the baby(ies) inside me.  I think if we get pregnant in January we'll have a baby the end of October. My family is planning a huge reunion over thanksgiving. I'm hoping I either have a baby at that or we're pregnant and I can still travel. So many things to consider. 

I've given up on planning when this baby will come, they'll come when they're ready. But it sure is nice to dream. 

Went to the gym today. Trying to plan healthier meals and I feel good about it. We will have a healthy pregnancy. 

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