Wednesday, January 27, 2016



Dear Baby,

Daddy and Mommy bought you a house this week, with your very own room! We pray for you to come every day. We're hoping maybe now that you'll have your own room you'll come soon. This week we made some big changes, Mommy finally got enough courage to call the Dr. and tell them things aren't right. It scares Mommy to go to the Dr and have a bunch of tests run. I thought bringing you home to us would be quick. 6 months later and we're holding onto shreds of hope. 

Tonight your Aunt Lindsay called Mommy and Daddy to tell us your cousin is on their way! We were/are so excited for them! Babies don't come easy in this family and your cousin came to be after only 3months of treatment. Something that usually takes a year and a half. I was so excited for Aunt Lindsay on the phone, I can't believe what a miracle this is. She was so kind and sensitive to tell me rather than us hearing it through the grapevine. She knows we've been praying and trying so hard for you to join our family. 

After I hung up the phone I cried in the car to Daddy. Daddy was upset too. It's not that we were unhappy for them, we love them dearly, it just hurt our hearts that it's not our turn yet. 

But don't you worry Baby, I'll get up enough courage to go to that appointment on Monday. We will do whatever it takes to bring you safely to our arms. Even if Mommy is scared of what the Dr. might say. 

Ps. I bet your cousin is pretty great and you're going to miss them when they come to us this Christmas. You're welcome to join the party anytime you like. 

Love you for always,

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