Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Bless the sweet surgeon. 

He said no surgery for me and that it would be medically unnecessary to have the surgery. 

I could have kissed the surgeon. But seeing as I'm married and I'm 101% over wearing paper gowns to have conversations in,  both Scott and I just kept saying thank you. The kind surgeon wished us good luck in getting baby Daly here, and then after he left Scott gave me one of the biggest kisses of my life. 

There really is something magical about doing something hard together, fighting for something together.  

When Scott gave me  the blessing before the biopsy, he said that I would be okay and that we would be able to pick up where we left off. Less than a week after the surgeon we were back at the fertility clinic. 

The thing about fertility specialists is the entire office knows you and is emotionally invested in you. The receptionist was thrilled to see us back so soon, and the nurse told me the second I saw her how happy she was the biopsy came back negative. I love Dr. James and her staff because they are so compassionate, yet aggressive at the same time. Aggressive in joining our team to help us to that finish line. They decided to up our meds dosage by a third. Last time I really didn't have any side effects, but I'm a little nervous this cycle might be harder. Fingers crossed, I just finished day three of meds and so far only one emotional breakdown and a couple of lay down immediately headaches but I could care less. We're doing it! We're going to get pregnant! I just know it. 

Also a little Scott funny that needs to be recorded. 

The ultrasound takes maybe two minutes and it's a pretty expensive two minutes. Scott has had some really great one liners. As we were leaving, "well, that must be some really fancy gel they put on there!" 

I laughed really hard. He's my rock. 

Don't you worry Baby Daly, you're worth it. Mom and Dad are doing everything we can to get you here. We found ourselves a fantastic team so get ready. We love you! 

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  1. I'm all caught up. Bless you and Scott. There are no words to express to make it any easier for you as you go through this process. It looks to me that you are both doing all that you can. All in God's time.