Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Scott the Super Dad

So the last cycle, the one that was full of hope and strength fell apart at the finish line. We made it to Day 14 before my temperature dropped. Bloodwork four hours later confirmed our crushed hearts. We told the inner circle and I ugly cried while Scott went to go get Taco Bell. THIS WAS THE ONE! I mean we survived the lump scare, I only had three meltdowns and cried at a presidency meeting. Scott learned how to give me a shot! He doesn't even have a medical degree. He rocked it! 

It just wasn't our month. We had agreed to play host to Kristin and Cam while they transition to AZ for a couple of weeks. They were set to arrive a week after we found out. Originally we were thinking if this happened (we didn't think it would happen) we would wait until after the holidays to keep trying. How silly are we? We saw that follicle on the ultrasound, we were not going to take any breaks in fighting for our little one to come home. 

We met with Dr. James and tried to keep our brave faces on. Ultrasound looked perfect and we went through our list of questions. She is so kind to us. She even prescribed something for me to help me sleep. 

We went up another 5mg in hopes of having more follicles. More follicles is more chances , but the drugs also make it happen in 11 days. We decided Scott was going to take this week off work and it's been a miracle. I have never been so sick. I walk around with headaches that make me nauseous. Saturday night we added dizzy, disoriented, and throwing up to the mix. I didn't go to church on Sunday. I started crying because Scott looked nice in his sweater and then I cried because I couldn't find the pretzels. 

Kristin and kids are here now and Scott is somehow balancing taking care of my every need, and being a non stop party for the boys. I cuddled Tenley and watched My Little Pony. He made me lunch, he checks and double checks my little pharmacy on my nightstand, works on his app and still finds time to kiss me in the pantry. 

This baby is going to be so lucky because Daddy calms Mom's fears and exhaustion and makes her brave. And that makes our team unstoppable. Tomorrow is the last day of meds little one, so you start packing your bags. We mean it this time. Come home won't you? I love you, Mom. 

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